About PyAngelo

Our mission with PyAngelo is to develop the best coding tutorials on the internet. Contrary to popular belief, anyone is able to learn how to code with a bit of time, patience, and effort. Coding is incredibly fun and rewarding, and we find that the most enjoyable part of coding is learning new skills and understanding how to control the computer through instrutions.

There are plenty of free tutorials scattered around the internet, many of them are quite good. However, we don’t think there is a succinct central resource which guides you through the most important coding concepts in a fun graphical way. Our aim with PyAngelo is to streamline the learning process, teaching you the critical programming skills that you can apply to any programming language in the future.

PyAngelo uses the Python programming language but has builtin graphical support which makes learning to program so much more enjoyable. PyAngelo is built by teachers so we believe that our experience and knowledge can help create not only an extremely efficient learning process for beginners, but awesome content and tutorials for experienced coders as well.

Happy coding!